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what do you guys feel about the whole relient k going secular subject?
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thats my homie!
meh they really haven't done anything wrong or changed....they aren't secular....even if that have a secular record label.

I still love them.
Agreed. And if playing them on radio stations other than the Christian norm means that even one teen is brought to Christ through a song's message, it is completely worth it.
me three

wait... i mean... i agree too.

check out the relient k lovers community, some youth leader posted something about this subject. :]

well, they are going on the warped tour and are touring with some very secular bands...and they are being played on non-christian radio. so they are getting more popular rather than secular i guesss...
it's hot
I know I shouldn't be, and that you're all going to be upset with me, but I am a little tiny bit saddened. I know it's awesome that they're reaching new audiences and stuff but I feel like it retracts from their purpose - for instance, regardless of whether or not "Be My Escape" really is about a girl, any non-Christians seeing the video for the first time will think it is. The other thing is that I don't want to go see them on tour with secular bands, because secular moshers scare me. I know it sounds silly, but even when they were touring with Christian bands there were still lots of people - at the concert I went to, anyway - drinking beer and partaking in other less-than-Christian behaviors. So what will the people at the SP/GC concerts be like? I'm not sure I want to find out. It sort of takes away some of the fun for the original, diehard fans.

Having said that, I'm aware that very little of this is the band's fault. It's just how I feel.
i definitely agree with you! i'm actually a little bummed too. i loved them just the way they were...before the whole popularity eruption. the whole crazy secular fan thing, that's why i'm not going to the SP/GC/RK show...that, and i'm not paying a lot of money to hear RK play what? 4 songs? and then listen to bands i'm not even fans of.
Thanks soooo much for backing me up on this! And yeah, it's just not worth it, as far as the money goes. I mean, come on! I don't want to see SP and GC. And how many other original RK fans will want to?
i agree with you as well. not only because of the fact that the songs may be misunderstood, but also because i'm one of those people that likes the "hidden goldmine" bands that nobody has ever heard of. ;)

but still, as long as they don't change and their music doesn't become trashy, i wish them luck. :)


12 years ago

Just because Relient K has joined a secular record label does not mean that their music will change, and neither will their morals or messages. They're not going to suddenly change their sound, and I don't know them so I can't testify for it, but I doubt they would sign onto a record label that would ask them to change.

Also, they're in a band so their music can be heard, and they want their music to be heard by everyone who will listen. I, for one, am proud of them for reaching out to more groups of people and for doing what they love. If some people get the message wrong, who cares? As long as people pull something good out of their music, then the band has accomplished something.

I love Relient K, and I'm happy for them. Sorry if this came off as harsh or anything, but a lot of my favorite bands have been accused of being sell-outs or changing their music in ways their fans don't appreciate as much, so I'm a bit defensive of them. I really hope their record label doesn't make your love of them waver, they're still going to be sending out the same messages, and their still the band we all love.
yeah. a lot of kids are calling rk sellouts...but what have they done so horribly wrong? until they start singing songs that aren't glorifying God, i'm with the guys forever!
I so don't think they're sellouts. I think that if their songs are reaching people that are not Christians they're doing great! I think its awesome. Their songs are great and they love God. If the secular world wants to hear their music all the better. I'll always be listening to them!