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Live without a care....

what could possibly go wrong?

for the relient k obsessed
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All Members , Moderated

If you're obsessed with relient k...then this is the community for you!


awesome banner by relientkfan2 !!! :D


manager of this community is </a></a>andipandi06


okay so, you don't know what to Po-Po-Post?

  1. talk about how you first became a fan of rk

  2. tell about a rk concert you went to

  3. post your favorite song

  4. make some banners and icons of the great band

  5. confess your love for matt thiessen

  6. the list goes on!

Just a Few rules...woaha-woaha-woah woah.

  1. no swearing, prejudice, innerpropriate, or down right mean comments. If you violate this, i may not let you have posting access. :-0

  2. if you don't like relient k, gosh, darn'it, don't join this community and get a brain!

  3. be nice!

  4. use lj-cut for the loooong entries and for icons/banners/pix..etc.

  5. please keep pix/banners/icons/entries/comment appropriate

  6. try to keep on topic of rk, but it's all good.







contain yourself ladies...there isn't enough relient k for all of us.


"Through the times i've faded and you've outlined me again"-Relient K

we are proud to be freakishly obsessed with the raddest band ever.



<3 relient k <3

much thnx 2:

greenairhead for the "pink tux" icon

ps_iloveyou_ for the "pirates" icon

andipandi06 for the new RK layout


oh the hottness.

Just a visitor? check out the community and the awesome layout-ness! maybe you will decide to join ;)